personal service

A service dedicated to those not satisfied

Scaglione, in these last years , has developed, in a very special way, an exclusive and unique activity: the "Personal Service", which is a service made by people who deal with other people.

The "Personal service" has been designed in collaboration with Kiton, a leader company in the fashion world for men and women; in addition to the classic lines (jackets, dresses, pants, shirts, ties and coats), this service can also produce luxury products such as leather clothes, knitwear, leather accessories and shoes, all made exclusively.

The brands for this service are: Kiton, Canali and Brioni.
The "Personal service" provides very experienced and highly qualified staff: it includes multilingual people trained well at the company with specific courses; each member of the staff is qualified to guide the client by understanding their tastes and their requirements. This experience allows them to realize an excellent tailoring service. This exclusive service is designed to satisfy a very picky international clientele seeking an exclusive treatment.
This service is only provided for the sale of the major lines: customer can choose between a very unique selection of products and most of them are customizable in size and matching. The staff is available to reach the customer at his domicile or in a hotel : they’ll show you clothes selected to measure the customer and will help you taking measurements and checking the final result of the product.

Personal Service Brands